Lathan Brandt

6’5″ Senior
Ankeny Centennial HS (IA)

AAU Team: Beyond Ball (IA)

Social Media:

@lathan_brandt (Twitter)


28″ w/ approach

Wing Span:



3.2 GPA

Test Scores:



Has a big frame that is hard to stop once he is going downhill. Can handle the ball in the open court and is deceptively quicker than you would think. Has the ability to stretch the floor out to the three point line and is very good going to his right. Hard to box out when he pursues offensive rebounds.

Lane agility/ 3⁄4 sprint times:

22 touches in 30 sec/3.9sec

Player comparison (knockoff comparison):

Brian Scalabrine

Division Expectancy:



3.5ppg, 0.3ast, 2.7rbs (Varsity)

Character Evaluation:

Goes with the flow sometimes instead of paving his own path, comes from a great family, his father is a D3 athletic coach, always came to practice or would communicate why he wouldn’t be there.

Trainers Evaluation:

Needs to develop a better workout routine. He could spend more time handling the ball as he transitions to a 2/3. Needs to work on his body to be able to play extended minutes at the next level. Would love to see him lead his teammates on and off the floor. Could play D2 if his motor was the same in the 4th quarter as it is in the 1st.


Needs to improve on going left. His shot needs to get more consistent. Needs to have a constant motor, and learn to play the same even if shots aren’t falling.

AAU/H.S. History:

Beyond Ball/Ankeny Centennial

High-Performance Evaluation:
(how they perform against high level competition, not same level or lower)

Last year when the big man for his HS team went down he went and got back to back double doubles against the top 2 ranked 4A teams in our state.