Former Division 1 guard John Lamb founded Handle University in the spring of 2016 to bring basic ball handling skills back to basketball.

Many of Handle University’s principles were developed over the last 10+ years while working with students of all levels. Coach Lamb has a variety of experience, including NCAA Division 1 training experiences at all three levels – Low Major, Mid Major, and High Major levels. He is also able to add a professional dynamic to his workouts because of his time spent training players overseas and in the NBA.

Handle University helps each student reach his or her highest potential. For some, this may mean improving their ball handling skills to be more effective players on their middle school basketball team. For other students it means increasing their skill level and basketball IQ so they are able to take their talents to the next level on their AAU or high school basketball team. Handle University is also able to assist the college and professional students by not only improving their skills and basketball IQ but also challenging students when it comes to the mental and physical preparation to play at the next level.

Handle University is unique because even in a group setting, we are able to cater to individual needs by improving the entire student. This includes helping develop the student physically and emotionally, increasing their basketball IQ, and giving them the skills and responsibility to be a team player and leader on and off the court.

Handle University offers high skill-level ball handling workouts that focus on the most basic and fundamental movement on a basketball court; going from point A to point B. With students getting bigger, faster, and stronger every day the importance of being able to handle the basketball seems to be flying under the radar. Handle University goal is to bring the focus back to the ball handling components of the game and reestablish the value it has to the development of your individual game. Workouts focus on hand-eye coordination, proper technique, game situations at game speed, and the forgotten details that separate those that Handle the pressure and those that get Handled.

John Lamb Experience

  • 2007 Iowa Newspaper 1st Team All State
  • 2007 Unanimous All CIML Elite 1st Team
  • 2007 Unanimous 1st Team Central Conference
  • 2007 Record Herald Tribune Player of the Year
  • 2007 Runner-Up Iowa Mr. Basketball
  • Lead State of Iowa Class 4A in scoring as a senior
  • Member of the Ohio Valley Conference Champions Morehead State University (2009)
  • 2 game NCAA Tournament experience
  • Training with and alongside multiple NBA and professional Basketball players
  • 10+ years of basketball training experience