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Handle University helps each student reach his or her highest potential. For some, this may mean improving their ball handling skills to be more effective players on their middle school basketball team. For other students it means increasing their skill level and basketball IQ so they are able to take their talents to the next level on their AAU or high school basketball team.

Handle University is also able to assist the college and professional students by not only improving their skills and basketball IQ but also challenging students when it comes to the mental and physical preparation to play at the next level.

Handle University is Unique

Even in a group setting, we are able to cater to individual needs by improving the entire student. This includes helping develop the student physically and emotionally, increasing their basketball IQ, and giving them the skills and responsibility to be a team player and leader on and off the court.

Handle University offers high skill-level ball handling workouts that focus on the most basic and fundamental movement on a basketball court; going from point A to point B. With students getting bigger, faster, and stronger every day the importance of being able to handle the basketball seems to be flying under the radar. Handle University goal is to bring the focus back to the ball handling components of the game and reestablish the value it has to the development of your individual game. Workouts focus on hand-eye coordination, proper technique, game situations at game speed, and the forgotten details that separate those that Handle the pressure and those that get Handled.

Handle U Curriculum

Early Entry Exams

These classes will geatures skill specific Handle U instructions designed to strengthen ball handling, speed & agility, shooting, and footwork, all in a positive, respectful, and encouraging environment. Completely catered towards young, aspiring hoopers!

Shooting 101

Shooting 101 focuses on becoming a pure shooter. In this camp, Coach Lamb will guide students through the proper mechanics associated with a jump shot. Students will focus on form, follow-through, technique, and finishing the shot.

Shooting 401

Shooting 401 is designed for the real shooters who have goals of cutting down nets in their future! In this camp, coach Lamb will guide students through the process of becoming a shooter who makes shots, not just takes them. Footwork, repitition, and form will be the main focus. Are you a shot maker or a shot taker?

Privates and Groups

We have three trainers all committed to making our student-athletes better. They have trained everyone from grade school students just learning how to handle a basketball to college athletes and even professionals who have played in the NBA.

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